Natural stone and concrete surfaces are highly susceptible to damages caused by everyday use, vigorous weather changes and various surrounding elements.

The protective sealant that we call #JUSTSEALIT is used exclusively on all of our projects, it is our own formula that was developed by Matt Nash based on his 10+ years of experience. #JUSTSEALIT is actively protecting tens of thousands of metres of prestigious natural stone and concrete surfaces throughout the world including the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Melbourne International Airport, Vue De Monde, Woolworths, ANZ.

What you can expect from our Sealer:

  • Surfaces are much easier to clean

  • Reduces efflorescence and corrosion caused by efflorescence

  • Superior stain resistance

  • Reduces water absorption

  • Helps to prevent salt attack

  • Significantly reduces possibility of corrosion caused by salts.



prestige surfaces seal