Tradies taking NO risks

Tradies taking NO risks

If you tuned into the recently aired Budget 2016 Live Coverage, you’ll know that the future’s looking bright for the Australian trades and construction industry. Treasurer Scott Morrison promised to progressively reduce company tax to 25% over the next decade, renew the $50 billion infrastructure package and enable SME tax claims on purchases topping $20,000. It’s BIG news for Australia’s small business scheme, and even bigger news for the tradies that keep Australia growing, from the ground up.

Tradies take up arms

With business set to boom, it’s pivotal that tradies arm themselves with the right tools to get the job done. Sure, you could do a subpar job but at the end of the day, it’s quality that scores repeat business. In the construction and landscaping industry aesthetics say it all, which is why nothing beats the polished and professional finish of Just Seal It.

A new era of protection

Developed in Victoria and used by leading architectural, landscaping and building firms across Australia, #JUSTSEALIT uses an intelligent water based saturating solution to help repel moisture, salt and stain damage for the lifetime of the surface. Suitable for natural stone, tile and concrete, breathable protection gives tradies the total peace of mind that their projects will continue to shine, long after they’ve sent their final invoice.

#JUSTSEALIT boasts nationwide showroom

The innovative protective application is trusted by Australia’s top tradies and contractors, working with both natural and manmade stone surfaces. Ever noticed how the exterior concrete at the state of the art billion dollar Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre continues to gleam, despite the harsh Melbourne weather? That’s #JUSTSEALIT doing what it does best. The perfectly refined formula has proven itself time and time again, from high profile projects like the coveted Vue de Monde restaurant in Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building, to luxury spa style bathrooms in residential homes.

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