Tradie Rich List

Tradie Rich List

Forget Forbes! Here’s the 2016 Tradie ‘Rich List’

Forget lawyers, doctors and CEOs. There’s a new breed of well-heeled professional in the mix, and they’re true blue, through and through. According to a recent survey from ServiceSeeking, tradies are raking it in bigtime. The 2016 ‘Rich List’ offered Australia a glimpse at the nation’s highest paid tradespeople, drawing on data from over 52,000 quotes submitted via the site.

WA home to ‘richest’ tradies

Western Australia trumped the list, with plumbers earning an average of $87.67/hour. Sparkies weren’t far behind, charging an hourly rate of $87.33. When it comes to cashed up builders, New South Wales is the place to be. Its hands on pros earn $77.85 an hour, representing a rise of 27.7% from last year’s figure. WA builders enjoy similar reimbursement, earning around $71.52 for 60 minutes of hard yakka. In Queensland landscape gardeners also came out on top, with rates of $70.57/hour.

“Like many industries it’s all about how complex the work is and where you work,” comments Jeremy Levitt, CEO of

How can you score a spot on the rich list?

With the latest budget proposal favouring small business owners, it’s easier than ever for tradies to score themselves a spot on the rich list. Vinyl Records Online. Opportunities are ample, but that doesn’t mean builders, landscapers and brickies should drop their game when it comes to quality.

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