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The level of knowledge and expertise between trades and tradespeople can vary greatly. Some will tell you one story, others will impart another. It can all get dizzyingly confusing when we are not experts in the field ourselves. But when it comes to the care of stone, we have found a trusted and reliable expert!

Having been raised to understand the beauty and care required in cleaning natural and man-made surfaces by his Father and Grandfather, Matt Nash is the third generation of ‘go to guys’ for all things stone.

A34T7617As Founder and Managing Director of Prestige Surfaces Australia, Matt specialises in cleaning, sealing and protecting both natural and man-made stone products, such as sandstone, bluestone, concrete, travertine, porcelain, terracotta, granite, marble, limestone and more.

COS Design Traditional Range Devon (2)Prestige Surfaces will seal and protect the pavers using time-honoured processes and high-performance products to create longer lasting finishes to protect the stone surface.

COS Design Traditional Range Devon Custom BBQ Top (3) - CopyMatt states, “It is important for people to choose the right stone to suit their needs. For example, bluestone has been used for centuries as a flooring material and still remains a popular choice today. Once treated with our breathable sealants, it is relatively easy to maintain and allows the timeless natural characteristics of the stone to stay true.”
COS Design Traditional Range Devon

People are spending large amounts of money on their properties featuring natural stone, and for an insignificant amount of money we can completely ensure their investment is properly maintained and protected for the life of the stone.

COS Design Traditional Range Devon Custom BBQ Top (2) - CopyMotivated by a desire to work with better products and achieve the best possible results for his clients, Matt has also cleverly developed a range of non-toxic, water-based cleaning and sealing products for natural and man-made stone which he hopes to release commercially this year.

Featured garden designed by COS Design. Paving by Anston Architectural. Sealed and Protected by Prestige Surfaces Australia.

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