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Paving the way

The award-winning gardens we supported at MIFGS

Along with being proud sponsors of the MIFGS 2024 (Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show), Prestige Surfaces had the privilege of collaborating with the industry leaders in landscape architecture and garden design, finding ourselves immersed in their world of creativity while they created stunning gardens as part of the show. 

We are proud to have been chosen to seal the surfaces in these gardens for Australian industry professionals: Phillip Withers, Christian Jenkins, Peter Donegan, Jason Hodges and Semken Landscaping.  

These experts share our passion for integrating natural stone surfaces into their garden designs. They understand the importance of sealing these surfaces for enhanced durability and long-term preservation. By doing so, beautiful gardens will be enjoyed for years and years to come.


This magnificent garden was designed by Phillip Withers in collaboration with Fiona Brockhoff.

Salt Bush is a journey; a journey through a garden to rediscover what our local environment means to us.

The journey begins in the ‘Salt’ coastal dunes, traverses heath and wetland habitat and culminates in an inland ‘Bush’ setting. Here a gathering place promotes immersion, observation, connection, and reflection.

Think back to when you were a child stepping out into the landscape and uncovering our local flora and fauna for the first time – clambering over rocks from the Victorian soil, smelling the scent of flowers grown along the coast, splashing through a natural pond filtered by aquatic plants. We want this garden to be a chance to help us reconnect with the earth, with plants, with insects, with water, and with each other, to encourages humans big and small to not only to appreciate, but to actively care for nature.” —Pillip Withers

Salt Bush” garden was awarded the “Gold Show Garden” 2024 at MIFGS, an outstanding achievement. Prestige Surfaces were proud sealers of the natural surfaces present throughout this masterpiece.

'Inner journey' by christian jenkins & margaret river trees

This stunning garden was deisgned by Christian Jenkins Landscape Design and Margaret River Trees.

Inner Journey —Our show garden revolves around the theme of finding peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Echoes the idea of creating a peaceful haven within an urban landscape, providing visitors with a sanctuary where they can relax and reconnect with nature. 

The design is a collaboration with Margret River Trees, framed with the striking boldness of towering Bottle Trees, one of Australia’s greatest trees. In addition, the Show Garden will showcase further trees over 500 years old, celebrating their architectural brilliance in this contemporary garden setting combined with a mix of Australian Native plants. A contemporary landscape garden celebrating Australian Native Plants, limestone garden beds, decked boardwalks and a large body of water sets the scene for this Wellness Garden.” —Christian Jenkins

‘Inner Journey’ was awarded as a “Silver Show Garden” 2024 at MIFGS. Prestige Surfaces were proud sealers of the limestone used throughout.

'A moment in time' by Peter Donegan Design & Landscaping

Deisgned by Peter Donegan and built by Semken Landscaping

A Moment in Time – Presented by Daisy’s Garden Supplies, is the story of an Air Force veteran who returns to a place he hoped to be able to recall home. The garden is secluded and remains as if he had never left.

The design aims to show what is when there is no head stone to one who has not fallen and, though a body is not lost, there remains a mind that can never be the same as it was prior.

The garden features a fragmented path winding to an aged, grassed roof wood cabin and a Piper PA-28 Cherokee aircraft, the project that once was a wished for return to flight of a then younger man, not complete in its repair or trajectory stalled by tree growth over time, stimulated only by the turbulence of what comes with the witness of conflict. Set in South-Eastern Australia in the early 1980’s, the garden intends to highlight the difficulties some veterans may face when returning to their former lives or when trying to create a new path post service in the Air Force” 
—Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

‘A Moment In Time’ was awarded as a “Silver Show Garden” and the “People’s Choice Award” of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2024. Prestige Surfaces were proud sealers of the natural surfaces used throughout.



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