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What surfaces can be cleaned and sealed?

Surface cleaning and sealing can be performed on various surfaces, including concrete, brick, natural stone and tile. The specific products and techniques used will depend on the surface type.

Why should I clean and seal my surfaces?

Cleaning and sealing your surfaces can help protect them from stains, moisture, and other types of damage. Sealing your surfaces will make them significantly easier to clean, improve durability and prolong the life of your surfaces.

How often should I clean and seal my surfaces?

The frequency of cleaning and sealing will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of surface, the amount of foot traffic, and the weather conditions in your area. Generally, it's a good idea to undergo deep cleaning and sealing of your surfaces every 3-5 years to help maintain maximum protection levels.

Can I clean and seal my surfaces, or do I need to hire a professional?

While homeowners can do some very basic surface cleaning and sealing tasks, more complex or large-scale projects require the assistance of a professional. Hiring a professional not only saves you working on your weekend, but it guarantees you’ll get the right clean and a seal you can rely on, all for a modest cost.

What products should I use to clean and seal my surfaces?

The specific products used to clean and seal your surfaces will depend on the surface type and its condition. Many different types of cleaners and sealers are available, including acid and alkaline-based cleaners or oil, solvent and water-based sealers. It's essential to choose the right products specifically designed for the type of surface you're working with to avoid damage; for this reason, it is recommended that you hire a professional who can make this decision for you and offer cleaners and sealers that are more suitable than those available on the supermarket shelves.


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