Is Efflorescence Destroying Your Stone?

Is Efflorescence Destroying Your Stone?

Is Efflorescence Putting Your Finished Product At Risk?

Mother Nature’s an incredible temptress, but when it comes to stonework she can have some pretty nasty surprises up her sleeve. Thanks to a whitish substance called efflorescence, even the most polished and professional of stone projects can rapidly deteriorate over time. As water soluble salts seep out of stone and cement a crystalline deposit forms, which creates a powdery white residue. Definitely not a good look for homes, storefronts, outdoor areas or any other space where gleaming stonework should steal the show.

Once the residue has formed, it’s a serious headache to remove. Elbow grease only does so much, and delicate surfaces can be seriously damaged if the wrong method or products are used. That’s why every paver, tiler and stonemason knows that prevention is the best cure. And thanks to #JUSTSEALIT, preventing efflorescence from forming on your stone projects is easier than you may think.

Fighting water with water

As water actively triggers the formation of the crystalline deposits, safeguarding surfaces against H2O is the key to combating efflorescence. Engineered with premium quality aqueous based German ingredients, #JUSTSEALIT is a unique, penetrative sealant that stops the efflorescence process in its tracks. The impregnating water based sealer actively bonds with stone, without affecting aesthetics or breathability. It’s essentially invisible protection, backed with a 20-year warranty. Yep, that’s two decades of liquid repelling, superior stain protection from water and efflorescence, as well as other unwanted qualms like moss, mildew and freeze-thaw damage.

What if it’s too late?

If you’ve already noticed evidence of efflorescence on a stonework project, don’t stress. At Prestige Surfaces we’ve got an in-house team of professionally trained experts with an in-depth knowledge of how to remove efflorescence from stone surfaces, without damaging the material itself. Even better, they’ll coat the surface in a slick of #JUSTSEALIT which actively helps to prevent the return of efflorescence in the future.

Got efflorescence? Get #JUSTSEALIT.

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