Asbestos Laced Materials Hit Australia

Asbestos Laced Materials Hit Australia

Asbestos Laced Materials Highlight Importance of Going Premium, And Local

The Australian building and construction industry enforces some of the fiercest health and safety laws on the planet. Yet according to the Asbest­os Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA), asbestos laced products are putting the lives of tradies at risk. Chief executive Peter Tighe is now calling on the government to reassess import policies, warning that cheap Chinese building materials have made it impossible to guarantee the safety of tradies, builders and home renovators.

Aussie tradies hit by mesothelioma outbreak

The caution comes in the wake of a deadly new wave of mesothelioma cases that attracted instant attention from the nation’s keynote asbestos eradication agency. The ASEA maintains that the Australian building and construction market has been swamped with thousands of prefabricated building materials containing traces of toxic silicate minerals, with most importe­d directly from China.

“People all across the country assume it’s safe then penetrate it, drill it and cut it, releasing asbestos fibres,” he said in an interview with The Australian.

Asbestos infiltrates sites across the nation

Chinese-made high­­-density cement boards have been identified as one of the biggest concerns, with flooring and sandwich panelling also on the watch list. These types of materials are used for a host of different building applications, including sheds, pop-up demountable pods used in schools, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

“The material is significantly cheaper than what you get in Australia so you’ve got massive commercial construction enterprises down to home renovators all importin­g this stuff directly from China,” comments Tighe.

He goes on to assert that ‘asbestos free’ guarantees from Chinese sellers are worthless, and that the only way to confirm purity is to import samples and have them verified by independent Australian labs.

Go quality, or not at all

The asbestos outbreak is bad news for the Australian building and construction industry, but it does highlight the paramount importance of purchasing premium quality materials. Made with imported German aqueous-based ingredients that ace Australian standards and compliance laws, #JUSTSEALIT offers tradies the total peace of mind that they’re arming their porous natural stone, tile and concrete substrate projects with intelligent breathable protection, that doesn’t compromise on safety.

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