Tradies Are The Key To Economic Recovery

Tradies Are The Key To Economic Recovery

Tradies Step Up As Key To Economic Recovery

It’s no secret that Australia’s honeymoon phase with the mining industry has come to a grinding halt. Over the past few years the economy’s struggled to stay on its feet, with the global oil price crash serving up yet another blow. Now, we’re on the road to recovery, and tradies have been pegged as the key to boosting the economy, on both a local and national scale.

States launch trades centric incentive schemes

The Northern Territory is one region that’s on the brink of a particularly dangerous economic cliff, with the Giles government rolling out incentives in a bid to support growth. This includes the launch of a home renovation scheme which saw owners and occupiers issued with $2000 vouchers in order to engage Territory-registered tradies – on the condition that the amount is matched by a 50% personal contribution.

“This is a budget for the times,” comments Master Builders Association executive director Dave Malone. “The emphasis they have put into infrastructure is where it should go because that money spins through the economy quickly and feeds through to a lot of people and secures jobs for the medium term. The tradies incentive is clearly a case of trying to put cash into the economy and getting it spent quickly.”

Tradies hailed as “the hope of the side”

A similar trend is materialising across Australia, with the national government putting forward a trades and construction centric budget that’s tailored towards the needs of small businesses.

“They’re the hope of the side: they work hard, earn more; the budget has to back them, that’s the bottom line,” maintains Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Tradies, you’re the “hope of the side” for the Aussie economy, so don’t let us down with lacklustre work. If you’re in the business of natural stone, tile and concrete, ensure every job stands the test of time with our ultra-breathable #JUSTSEALIT formula.

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